Offering Financing For These Property Types:
Primary Residence;  2nd Home and Rental
Properties 1-4 Units;
Owner Occupied and Investors;
Homes, Condo’s, PUD’s, and Townhomes

Mortgage Checklist

The following is usually required during the loan process:

  • Completed Loan Application

  • Current Month Pay Stubs, and 2 Years W-2’s

  • Or, If Self Employed, Copy of Your Tax Returns For The Past 2 Years

  • Bank Statements For The Past Two Months

  • Investment Account Statements For The Past Two Months

  • Retirement Account Statements For The Past Two Months

  • Copy of Driver’s License

If You Currently Own Real Estate:

  • Copy of Current Monthly Mortgage Coupon

  • Home Equity Account Information (If Applicable)

  • Annual Property Tax Bill

  • Home Insurance Policy “Declaration Page”

  • HOA (Homeowners Association) Statement (If Applicable)

Benefits of Refinancing at a Glance

  • Lower Your Interest Rate

  • Reduce Your Monthly Payment

  • Convert A Variable Rate To A Fixed Rate

  • Adjust/Change Your Loan Term

  • Take Cash Out of Your Home Equity For Remodeling or Add a Rental Unit For Extended Family, or Additional Income, or Any Purpose